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Fox Rocks are one of our most popular items, one of those things you have to try to get what everyone is talking about. In case you are still on the fence about them, hopefully this post will convince you to finally get yours today!

Fox Rocks are a Gluten Free cereal snack. The Rocks start with Rice Chex cereal, covered in melted milk chocolate, peanut butter and of course our home made cannabutter. The cereal is then covered in powdered sugar,  making these treats a sugary, dangerous treat. 



The size of the individual Rock is a single bite, which makes this a unique and compact treat great to keep in your bag while on the go. Additionally, being a bite size snack allows the user to control their dosage. Have an appointment later in the day? No problem! These treats are fast acting and will not immobilize you…unless you want them to. 

Contact us to get yours today! But don’t say I did not warn you! 

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