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By January 27, 2016 March 9th, 2020 Blog

Barely noticing the biggest snow storm to hit the DC area in 50 years.

I was born and raised  in Florida. In Florida, you never had a snow day. In my entire life, I can only remember one time where we got “snow” flurries, not including those cheesy days at Disney World when they would blow shaved ice down Main Street, and that was in 1988. The “snow” didn’t stick, and could best be described as clumpy rain – not really snow. 

What we did have were hurricane days. And we had them all of the time. 

Hurricane days as a kid were very different than when I was in college. I can remember frantic trips to the grocery store, playing Super Market Sweep versus all the other crazies who had waited to see if the storm would turn. Just as important as food and water was your hurricane supplies. The batteries, candles, flashlights, and duct tape. The basics.  

In college those basics changed. Why worry about food, there was a year’s supply of Ramen in the kitchen closet. And if we run out of that, there is an equal amount of Easy Mac. Urban astronauts living off various powder + noodle + heat = meal combinations.

There was no need to worry about water either, As soon as it was announced a hurricane day(s) were happening, my roommates and I would get to the ABC liquor store as quickly as we could and buy the cheapest keg available. The longer you took to get to the store, the more you would pay. But with a keg, you need ice and lots of it. Which when melted, solved the water problem. 

The supplies, simply put, no one had money for. And if they did, they were spending it somewhere else. 

This being my first snow storm, living alone, having a Netflix account and some incredible edibles available to me, preparing and surviving was especially easy. I just laid on the couch and said, “Yes, I am still watching.” 


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