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By January 28, 2016 March 9th, 2020 Blog

A Blog on Musical Truths

Music is universal. And before you start to roll your eyes and give me a sincere, “Oh, so deep and insightful of you.”, allow me to explain. Music is a medium that appeals to everyone on some level. We all have our favorite bands, artists and genres. Music has undeniable truths too… 

Michael Jackson will always be the king of pop. Led Zeppelin will alway be the quintessential rock band. Jay Z used to be a rapper. Drake used to be on Nickelodeon. George Harrison will always be the best Beatle, and the 80’s was the best decade for music. (You might be thinking to yourself that these seem way more objective than they do like a “truth”, but do not worry, I am here to tell you that you are wrong. They are in fact truths.)

The music we listen to can be heavily influenced by what we are doing at that moment, or planning to do in a moment. For myself, if I am going to spend the day cleaning my house, I prefer classic rock. Dylan, Creedence, The Doors will keep me going in a deep clean. A energetic tune that I can sing along to and forget the task at hand. Cleaning can be an arduous task so, for me, it is important to listen to something that is going to keep my mind distracted. 

Making and enjoying edibles is a totally different story. At those times the music is as eclectic as the the edibles themselves. A variety of things to choose from, all appealing. So how do you choose? Maybe I can help.

Every Friday, check back in on this blog for “The Fox’s Five for Friday”. Five songs we think you should listen to during the week or weekend. Enjoy some Pink Fox products while listening to the playlist and you’ll like the music even more!*


*Last sentence is not a musical truth.

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