A letter from a worried fan

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Dear Kanye West,


Or rather, I guess what is more appropriate –


To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing you today because I am a concerned fan. And it has not been easy being a fan these last couple years. You had been a behind the scenes guy, for a long time, and in 2004 changed the game. I will never forget the first time I saw you. A Thursday afternoon, my first off campus apartment housing, and there you were on TRL. I only put the episode on to see Carson Daly interview you with the background track of 1,000 screaming MTV TRL kids. Those kids are arguably the worst thing you could be at the time. Now, it feels like the worst thing is to be a fan of yours.

I thought the beef/ drama/ insanity with Taylor Swift was over? This feud you have with her is insane. And the worst part is, you are the one that keeps stirring the coals. Even if she did have dinner with you and a friend, and even if at that dinner she gave you the idea or blessing for the lyrics you wrote on the “Famous” track – did you think she was going to publicly admit that? This is the same chick who went after Tina Fey and Amy Poelher and they are nearly untouchable. I have to say, I have a real hard time believing that TSwift wrote the lyrics on the track. I can’t say I am very familiar with her lyrics.  What I do know about her lyrics is what broadcast radio has taught me, but, I do know your lyrics. I know them really well. And those lyrics sound a lot more like yours than they do hers.

I know your lyrics so well because I loved your music. I can recall going to Best Buy and physically purchasing your first two albums. Both of them played in my car, computer, and anywhere else I could play them for months before I took them out. I knew everything on College Dropout. I knew the Bernie Mac skits, the Talib Kweli versus, the stories of how everything finally came together to make the album on “Last Call”. I will be honest about Late Registration; I did not get it my first few listen troughs. I loved “Golddigger” and “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”, but those were the most accessible tracks. It took me a lot longer to appreciate and to hear “My Way Home” and “Crack Music”. Late Registration will always be a deep cuts album to me. Then came your third album in 2007, Graduation. To me, that album was perfect. It is a start to finish, perfect piece of music. It is Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall. 808s had moments, but for me was nothing compared to Graduation. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a masterpiece. The guest verses, the musical production, the VMA performance – all perfection. And finally, Yeezus. The album people wanted to hate because it did not come with art work. An album people wanted to hate.

I love your music, but I do not love you. I worry about you. And I worry about myself because I think, how can you be into someone so impossibly insufferable? If you were a movie, you would be the Entourage movie. If you were a television show, you would be the last episode of LOST. If you were a country, you would be the United States of America.

This past weekend you preformed on SNL and it was revealed that you had a “meltdown” prior to your performance. During this meltdown you proclaimed yourself to be “…50% more influential…” than the likes of Stanley Kurbrick, Pablo Escobar, Picasso, and the Apostle Paul. What? Those guys didn’t get into fights with high school girls. 

It is statements like that which make it impossible to support you and have me addressing this “To Whom It May Concern”, instead of you directly. I literally do not know who I am talking to. It definitely is not the artist I used to be obsessed with. So, to the voices controlling you, I beg you please. Stop everything. Take a breath.

Just like you said on SNL this weekend, “I miss the old Kanye.”


Trying to stay a fan,


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