Dear Diary…

By February 22, 2016 March 9th, 2020 Blog

Something magical happened today. Something I never thought I would see or experience in my lifetime. I guess I need to rewind about one year…

On February 26, 2015 the will of the District of Columbia voters to allow adults to possess and consume recreational marijuana came into effect. I birthed a little pink fox, people had fun, and on February 20 a year later, the staid Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. was invaded, over run, and consumed by the marijuana community and enthusiasts. It was beautiful to see. 

I signed up for vendor space. I know, little old Pink Fox had vendor space at DC’s largest cannabis conference. Tucked into the corner of the balcony level of the Mayflower ballroom, I stood there and experienced what I can only imagine Moses felt looking at the promised land. One thousand cannabis community members wandering through the land of weed and honey. 

I wish I could explain the day. I wish I could remember everything I saw and everyone I talked to. There was just so much going on. The people who came by my booth were incredible. The amount of support was overwhelming. To hear people were into the logo, the look, and the product. It was overwhelming in the best way possible. 

Diary, you know me. You know me better than anyone else. I have only cried a few times in my life, but after hearing the incredible outpouring of support yesterday, you can add yesterday to the list. 

A good time was had by all, but there was one particularly funny incident that I know you will love: the after party.

The CannaShow after party took place at Barcode in NW Washington. Barcode is a drab downtown affair, not especially noteworthy (unless you count last week’s stabbing). A stabbing which I imagine was surprising since the bar is not known for such things — but I have to think most stabbings are a surprise.

The after party was not a normal party. Sure it was at a normal bar, but nothing normal took place. Blow torches, rolling papers, and marijuana were everywhere. It’s funny to think of a new “Smoking Section” in bars. I cannot wait. But if I am being honest, the blow torches make me nervous. 

That is it for today, Diary. Thanks for listening. You always do, and  that’s why you are the BEST!

Remember – be your best YOU!


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