Awesome Blogging

By May 3, 2016 March 9th, 2020 Blog

I will not pretend blogging is easy. I get very self conscious every time I sit down and try to write anything. Every time. Even reading old blogs can sometime make me cringe. So no, blogging is not easy, but it is most definitely is not hard. Which makes the below photo, taken today, very interesting. 



I love reading this particular website, but really? I mean, REALLLLLLY? What happened in those 45 minutes? Were they as tense as the 13 days of the Cuban missile crisis? Probably not. Deserving of two blog posts? Most definitely not.

And will someone please tell them no one is asking for a Space Jam squeal. 

Literally, no one is asking for that. But them, in some weird passive aggressive way, in hopes – I am going to guess – so they can write another 3 contradictory blogs about whether it is good or bad or something we even wanted to begin with.