Damned if you do…

By May 31, 2016 March 9th, 2020 Blog

I will not pretend to know what it is like to parent a child. I can not imagine being responsible for another life. Sure, babysitting is fine, but it is the Blockbuster video of parenting. Whether I like the kid or not, it is a two day rental – MAX. By now you have undoubtedly heard and have an opinion on what happened in Cincinnati, OH. If you haven’t heard about what happened, you are living your best life and not missing anything. 

I, like many of you, was a kid at one time. And as a kid I found myself in trouble occasionally. There was the time at the grocery store when I pretended the syrup bottle was a gun, attempted to spin the bottle on my finger like a western hero, only to have the bottle fly off my finger and smash onto the ground covering my mom’s shoes and pants in syrup. Sure, I didn’t exactly sneak into the exhibit of an endangered species at a public zoo, but that is exactly my point. I knew better than doing something like that based on the mini mistakes I had made in everyday life. Even at a young age. 

I imagine this little boy is going to find himself in some trouble with his parents after this incident. 

Speaking of which…that little boy is one of the luckiest people on earth. I feel like he must be destined for great things. He certainly is fearless. He snuck into the cage of a wild animal. This is where it would have stopped for me. I would have thought, “Sure, I can sneak in there, and play with the gorillas. They are cool, but a wild animal. Also a wild animal – dad. And he is going to go nuts if I sneak in there. So, new plan will be to check these out from a distance, ask for cotton candy on the way out, and hope we stop at McDonald’s on the way home.” 

This kid though, he saw his opportunity to sneak into the cage and took it. And the animal did exactly what animals do. He didn’t mean the kid any harm. I have personally seen parents drag their kids around stores with that same kind of intensity of Harambe. Should they be put down? Debatable. 

The only thing I am taking away from this story is kids will be kids, animals are animals, and adult humans can be – in most cases – widely, reprehensibly irresponsible.