By May 5, 2016 March 9th, 2020 Blog

2015 was a real bitch of a year. And I mean that in a sense of 2015, if personified in some sort of human form, would be a real bitch. 

2016 has only had 5 months, but so far it hasn’t been easy. If 2016 was personified in some sort of human form, it would be a preteen bitch. Is there still hope for 2016? It seems like the year is trying…here some things finally happening:

  • The Zodiac Killer finally suspended his Presidential campaign. 
  • Sarah Palin is finally releasing that “true story” climate change documentary, or comedy,  we have all been waiting for. 
  • The Washington Capitals are finally playing like themselves in the playoffs. Dominating the regular season only to exit the playoffs in time for early May golf rounds. 
  • Conservative men have finally become real life parody of their biggest fears, and are now hanging out in the women’s rest rooms in their local Target’s.

I would like to highlight a few finally’s from this year’s Met Gala. 

  • Zayn has finally revealed his plans for his post One Direction life, and his clothing line based on video game characters is going to be a revelation. 
  • Madonna has finally decided to stop begging for attention.  
  • Lady GaGa has finally followed in Madonna’s footsteps, and also stopped begging for attention. 
  • I think Kanye finally broke, showing up to the gala in blue contacts. Yes, the kind you can get a Claire’s in the mall. He really is our Bozo the clown. 
  • Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom finally revealed themselves to be the worst adults…ever, by wearing Tamagotchi’s to the gala.

Some things from the world of tv and movies I was so excited to finally see.

  • I was so excited to finally see Negan introduced on the Walking Dead. What a suspense filled episode of television. Rick and his crew finally coming face to face with a evil villain, who isn’t a zombie, and makes you ask who the real enemy is. Finally. Totally different than the first 7 seasons.
  • I was even more excited to finally see (SPOILERS) Game of Thrones this season. JS finally back from the dead! And what a reveal in that second episode, the old witch is…”drum roll”…an old gross witch. Finally got that question answered. 
  • We all finally saw the O.J. Simpson trial it was meant to be seen, a true spectacle.
  • Leo finally got his Oscar, made an impassioned plea to save the earth which we all ignored, because Leo finally got his Oscar. 
  • Batman and Superman finally fought to everyone’s disappointment. 

I hope 2016 doesn’t turn into a full on bitch.